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Once a decision to separate and/or divorce is made it is essential that the parties engage in a collaborative process to resolve all of the issues presented. If children are involved it is vital to establish an appropriate co-parenting relationship devoted to minimizing the effect of the divorce on the children.  Engaging legal counsel and filing a complaint for divorce immediately creates an adversarial process that all too often becomes protracted, expensive and destructive of the parents’ post-divorce relationship.
An initial consultation with former Judge Cleaves will result in the establishment of a process which accomplishes the following:

  • The collaborative, non-adversarial resolution of all the issues presented by the divorce.
  • Establishment of the co-parenting relationship essential for the emotional health of the children.
  • The retention of control of the process by the parties, saving both time and money.
  • Absolute privacy and confidentiality throughout the entire resolution process.

If you are contemplating separation or divorce DANA A CLEAVES ASSOCIATES is here for your assistance.  Call for more information or to schedule an appointment